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Comparative Politics

Comparative politics is dedicated to the study and research of the world's political systems. While this comparison may include Canada, practitioners of comparative politics often examine individual countries or countries that are clustered in what are called Area Studies (e.g. Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia). Comparative politics includes not only the “what” of politics but also the “how” of politics. It examines both states and components of political life across states and regions.

Students who take courses in comparative politics will learn and understand the theoretical basis of the sub-discipline. They will also be expected to take one area course in which they will study the politics of state or states and apply the theoretical knowledge that they have acquired.

Learning Activities

Several methods are used to encourage and to promote a learning environment and to assist students in understanding the material. These include lectures, seminars, simulations of major political meetings and events, field studies, essays and individual research assignments.


To learn more about Comparative Politics courses, please visit the Political Science section of the University CalendarTo find out which courses are being offered in upcoming semesters, please visit the Department of Political Science Courses page.

Poli 279 - Politics of the Global South Poli  469 - Middle East: Contemporary Political Problems
Poli 359 - Introduction to Comparative Politics Poli 470 - Genocide, Justice, and Reconciliation
Poli 369 - Governments and Politics of the Middle East Poli 471 - Africa: Contemporary Political Problems
Poli 371 - Governments and Politics of Africa Poli 473 - States Regimes Latin America
Poli 429 - Electoral Behaviour Poli 477 - American Politics
Poli 430 - Public Opinion Poli 554 - Women and Public Policy
Poli 447 - Comparative Public Policy Poli 561 - Government and Politics of the European Union
Poli 453 - Women and Politics Poli 569 - Selected Topics in Middle East Politics
Poli 455 - Protest, Rebellion, and Revolution Poli 571 - The Politics of Human Rights
Poli 463 - Politics of Post Industrial States Poli 577 - Advanced American Politics
Poli 464 - European Politics Poli 579 - Political Economy of Development
Poli 465 - Chinese Politics

Student Advising

See the Department of Political Science Student Advising page for more information on student advising.