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International Relations

The courses offered in International Relations provide students with an understanding of the nature of international relations and the processes that shape the ways in which states and non-state actors interact.

By studying International Relations, students are exposed to a range of major trends and issues in international politics. The global system is in a period of tremendous transformation. The end of the Cold War and other fundamental changes are reshaping international relations and how we understand the international system.

Learning Activities

In order to assist students in understanding these changes, and the forces that are driving them, they are encouraged to:

    • Think critically about international relations
    • Identify and understand the main forces shaping the current international system
    • Research and evaluate specific elements of world politics.

Lectures, discussions and readings introduce students to the nature of International Relations. In discussions, guest lectures and documentaries are used to broaden students' appreciation of International Relations. Simulation exercises allow students to apply their knowledge in a practical manner. Written communication skills are enhanced via essay writing, while oral presentations help students synthesize and present their knowledge.


To learn more about International Relations courses, please visit the Political Science section of the University Calendar.   To find out which courses are being offered in upcoming semesters, please visit the Department of Political Science Courses page.

Poli 283 - Issues and Trends in World Politics Poli 487 - International Organizations
Poli 381 - Introduction to International Relations  Poli 491 - U.S. Security Policy
Poli 435 - Canada and World Politics Poli 523 - Canada and the Circumpolar World
Poli 439 - Strategic Studies Poli 575 - Intelligence and Policy
Poli 479 - International Relations of the Contemporary Arab World  Poli 581 - Selected Topics in International Law and Organizations
Poli 483 - International Law Poli 585 - Nonproliferation Regimes
Poli 485 - Global Political Economy Poli 587 - International Ethics

Student Advising

See the Department of Political Science Student Advising page for more information on student advising.