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Canadian Politics

Courses in Canadian Politics are designed to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the nature of Canadian politics, society and political institutions. These courses provide students with knowledge of the various approaches and methods which Canadian politics and public policy have been studied, and the insights gained from this research.

Studying Canadian Politics is an ideal introduction to the subtleties of political analysis. Many students have first-hand knowledge of Canadian politics and direct access to the information necessary to contextualize their learning experience. It exposes students to the practicalities of such ideas as the state, democracy and authority. Many of the central skills and methods of political science that underpin political science analysis are taught through the study of Canadian Politics.

Learning Activities

    • Lectures and readings introduce students to the nature of political institutions central to Canadian Politics, Public Policy and Law.
    • Tutorials are used to help deepen students' understanding of the logic of institutions, the nature of Canadian politics and how it has been analysed.
    • In-class discussions as well as documentaries are used to broaden students' appreciation of domestic politics.
    • The use of simulations of major political meetings, such as first ministers' conferences, helps students study practical aspects of Canadian Politics, Public Policy and Law.
    • Written communication skills are enhanced via essay writing, while extensive use of oral presentations helps student synthesize and present their knowledge.


To learn more about Canadian Politics, Public Policy and Law courses, please visit the Political Science section of the University CalendarTo find out which courses are being offered in upcoming semesters, please visit the Department of Political Science Courses page.

Poli 321 - Politics & Government in Canada Poli 432- Selecting and Removing Political Leaders
Poli 343 - Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process Poli 444 - Constitutional Law and Politics
Poli 425 - Local Government Poli 521 - Canadian Federalism
Poli 426 - Federalism Poli 525 - Energy Politics in Alberta
Poli 427 - Government and Politics of Alberta Poli 531 - Parties, Elections and Representations
Poli 428 - Comparative Provincial Politics Poli 541 - Selected Topics in Public Law
Poli 431 - Canadian Political Parties Poli 551 - Women in Canadian Politics

Student Advising

See the Department of Political Science Student Advising page for more information on student advising.