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Prospective Students

Submitted by jrreid on Fri, 10/28/2011 - 2:33pm

Awards & Financial Assistance

Students have a range of options in obtaining financial support for their studies, including University, Department and Other forms of financial assistance. Read More

Experiencing Politics

Experiential learning helps to reinforce and extend learning outcomes and develop research, negotiation and communication skills. The department offers several types of experiential learning. Read More

Political Science - An International Experience

Political Science is by its nature international. The Department offers students with an excellent international experience. Read More

Our Students

The department is proud of its students and strives to engage with them in ways that are both pedagogically sound and interesting. Read More

Department Associations and Interaction

The Department provides students with many opportunities to interact with other students and faculty outside of the formal classroom setting. Read More

Political Science as a Field of Study

Political Science is about how societies should and do deal with conflict. At its most basic level, Political Science entails asking how and why life and property should be protected and how cultural and economic aspirations are expressed and accommodated. Read More

Skills and Career Development

Political Science provides students with excellent skill and career development. Students gain a range of valuable and marketable skills, an international and multicultural perspective, and a general broadening of horizons and opportunities. Read More