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Skill and Career Development

Political Science provides students with excellent skill and career development. Students gain a range of valuable and marketable skills, an international and multicultural perspective, and a general broadening of horizons and opportunities.

Research, Analyze, Communicate

Students learn how to gather relevant information about politics and society, critically analyze this data, and communicate this analysis to others. Students are trained in a range of skills:

    • Designing research projects
    • Identifying and collecting relevant data and evidence
    • Categorizing and critically analyzing data, whether textual or numerical in form
    • Understanding the nature of reasoning and argumentation
    • Utilizing various means of communicating the results of their work

This critical and creative process ensures students are capable of assessing claims about the social world in which they find themselves, and thinking about this world in new ways.

Career Skills Development

Students completing a degree in Political Science will obtain specific, career-oriented training in a number of areas. This includes the use of primary research and statistical techniques commonly used in public opinion polling, market research, public relations, management, political risk analysis, political advocacy, and innumerable other areas.

These skills will aid students in entering a wide range of careers in both the public and private sector. Examples include government departments and agencies, as well as private sector public opinion polling, political analysis, public and media relations, and management and marketing. A degree in Political Science is also valuable for students interested in working with political party organizations, advocacy groups, and social movements.

Reverse Funnel: Diversity and Choice

Because our course offerings and methodologies are diverse, students entering our program are not directed into a narrow occupational field, but rather, have a choice of a number of different, though related fields. The notion of choice is most important: political science widens student's life horizons, and also provides them with an informed and supportive environment in which they can experience what it is to make an important life-choice. Imagine an education in political science as a reverse funnel: it will open up possibilities for career choices and lifelong learning.

International Perspective

In a "shrinking world" that is always changing, political science provides unparalleled training in understanding the political institutions of other countries and regions, and the tools to analyze how they work and will respond to new realities. Students will gain an international and culturally sensitive perspective that helps them to evaluate actions and communication with reference to diverse cultural values.

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