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Our Students

The department is proud of its students and strives to engage with them in ways that are both pedagogically sound and interesting.

Some examples include:

  • Use of Turning Point Clickers in Poli 201 - Introduction to Government and Politics, and Poli 343 - Law, Politics and the Judicial Process
  • Students in Poli 321 - The Canadian State conduct a "Leader's Debate" Simulation at a Campus Fair event.  The simulation worked to give students a better understanding of the role of leader's debates in a political campaign, and to develop debating and research skills.
  • Use of the board game "Diplomacy" in Poli 439 - Strategic Studies
  • Internships in Poli 502 - Municipal Election Compaigns, and
  • Nonproliferation Simulation in Poli 585 - Nonproliferation Regimes.