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Experiencing Politics

Experiential learning helps to reinforce and extend learning outcomes and develop research, negotiation and communication skills. The department offers several types of experiential learning.

Independent Research and Writing

By encouraging independent research and writing, the department offers students direct experience of tasks that many will engage in during their careers. Department members have contacts with various political organizations that regularly seek senior undergraduates as researchers. As well, the strong research ethos of the department means that faculty often hire senior undergraduates as research assistants for their own projects.


The Department also enthusiastically encourages students to make use of a range of internships available in various government departments, the national and provincial parliaments, and legislatures of other countries, such as the United States of America. These experiences help students generate valuable skills and contacts that prove useful in later employment, and generally strengthen links between the department, the university, and the various community and political organizations.

First Hand Experience

Students may also take advantage of opportunities to spend time at Canadian and US diplomatic and military facilities via our links with various Political science offers a range of opportunities to integrate and synthesize knowledge, skills and methodologies across disciplines. Students interested in multidisciplinary study of the Canadian north, Election Financing, the Military, Africa, Australia, International Politics and many of themes and areas, the department's programs link to B.A. in International Relations and a range of Affiliated Research Organizations at the University and further afield.

Simulated Political Events and Meetings

Through simulated political events and meetings (such as meetings of the European Council or the United Nations, Canadian First Ministers' Conferences, Canadian Cabinet meetings), students at the Department of Political Science experience the manner in which abstract principles interact with the practicalities of politics.

For an example of a simulated political event conducted by the Department, please see the Our Students page.

Student Advising

See the Department of Political Science Student Advising page for more information on student advising.