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Department Associations and Interaction

The Department provides students with many opportunities to interact with other students and faculty outside of the formal classroom setting.

Political Science Association

The Political Science Association is a lively student organization with its own lounge and facilities within the department. The PSA is an open student organization aimed primarily at promoting interest in and discussion of politics among students, faculty members, and the wider community. It helps organize events for students, and provides a mechanism for students and faculty to interact.

The PSA sponsors a wide range of social activities, and elects representatives to Departmental committees. With the assistance of members of the department, the PSA organizes seminars on essay writing, career development, and applying to graduate school. In coordination with the PSA, the Department has holds a series of seminars on current political events twice each term. These events have been organized around Canadian and provincial elections and important international issues (war, international aid, international investment, peace-keeping). The Department provides funding for this series. In addition, the PSA conducts faculty-student "wine and cheese" events.

The PSA office is located in Room 707 of the Social Sciences Tower. All students are encouraged to use the facilities provided by the department, which provide a central point for interaction with faculty.

Political Science Alumni Association

The Political Science Alumni Association organizes regular evening seminars and debates that, supported by the Department, have brought major speakers to Calgary, and which provide an important opportunity for faculty and students to interact.

Other Student-Faculty Interaction

There are formal arrangements, such as reading courses and independent study projects and organized events such as department seminars and conferences. As well, students may work as research assistants, and seminar and conference organizers. At a less formal level, department members interact with students at social events associated with courses, seminars and conferences.