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Political Science as a Minor Field and Area of Special Interest

Broaden Your Degree

Looking to broaden your degree with courses in Political Science? The Department welcomes students wishing to add Political Science as a Minor to their BA degree. Students may formally declare a Minor Field and have this officially recorded on the transcript, provided they meet the completion requirements.

The Department of Political Science offers courses in a number of major subdisciplines: Political Thought, International Politics, Comparative Politics and Canadian Politics. Students wishing to declare a Minor in Political Science should consult the Program Advisor to discuss which courses to pursue.

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Completion Requirements for a Minor in Political Science

Courses in Political Science - Calendar Summaries

Courses in Political Science - Subdiscipline Approaches

Courses in Political Science - Semester Offerings

Student Advising

If you have questions regarding the program contact See the Department of Political Science Student Advising page for more information on student advising.