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Multidisciplinary Study in Political Science

Learning Across Disciplines

Multidisciplinary study is central to political science, and helps students comprehend the complex nature of the world in which we live. Political science offers a range of opportunities to synthesize knowledge, skills and methodologies across disciplines.

Enhance Your Degree with Political Science

    • Students interested in multidisciplinary study of the Canadian north, Election Financing, the Military, Africa, Australia and a range of other themes and areas may take advantage of the department's linkages to a range of Affiliated Research Organizations.
    • Students interested in multi-disciplinary study of international affairs, the Department has strong linkages with the B.A. in International Relations. These linkages provide students with an opportunity to compare and contrast the study of domestic politics with that of other countries and cultures as well as the ways in which states interact.
    • Political science has a range of courses it shares with the Department of History. These courses are designed to add depth to students understanding of current political issues and practices by placing them in their historical and cultural context. Understanding the source of current political issues is often central to recognizing their true nature and their likely future trajectory.
    • The department also has strong cognate links with Law and Society (LWSO) via its strengths in the study of Canadian and international courts and judicial systems. The study of legal institutions from other perspectives encourages students to produce coherent understanding of the nature of such institutions, and enhances their problem-solving ability.
    • The Department of Political Science offers service courses to other departments in the Faculty of Arts.

Political Science Degree and Multidisciplinary Study

Given the range of topics regularly addressed by political scientists, a number of courses in other disciplines can enhance a degree in Political Science.

    • Language courses can help students access other cultures and their politics.
    • Students of political thought will find courses in Philosophy (Faculty of Arts) of particular value, as well as courses in various epistemologies of knowledge offered by departments across the university.