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Full-time Faculty Research Interests

BRODIE, Ian R. (Ph.D. Calgary)
Government; Politics; Governing

CAMERON, Gavin (Ph.D. St Andrews)
International Relations; Strategic Studies; Terrorism; Nonproliferation of Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons

COCHRANE, Regina (Ph.D. York University)
Recent political thought, especially:  feminist/green political theory, Adorno versus counter-Enlightenment perspectives, social and global justice

COOPER, Barry (Ph.D. Duke)
Political Theory; Canadian politics; Political Thought; Public Policy

FRANCESCHET, Antonio (Ph.D. Carleton)
International political theory; International organization; International law; Ethics

FRANCESCHET, Susan (Ph.D. Carleton)
Comparative public policy; Women and politics; Gender policy in Latin America; Gender & executive office

GOLDSTEIN, Joshua (Ph.D. Toronto)
Sexual Ethics; New Natural Law Theory; History of Modern Political Thought; Hegel's Political Philosophy

HIEBERT, Maureen (Ph.D. Toronto)
Comparative politics; Political Violence; International law; Human Rights; Public law; Human Security

HUEBERT, Rob (Ph.D. Dalhousie)
International Relations; Strategic Studies; Canadian foreign & defence policies; Circumpolar relations; Ocean politics; Naval Studies; Foreign policy studies

ISMAEL, Tareq (Ph.D. George Washington)
Foreign Policies; Domestic politics of Middle Eastern Countries

LUCAS, Jack (Ph.D. Toronto)
City politics; City governance; Canadian federal and provincial politics; Multilevel governance; Historical development of urban governance; Institutional change; Historical political science


O'NEILL, Brenda (Ph.D. UBC)
Women and Politics; Political Behaviour; Public Opinion; Research Methods

Comparative politics: Latin America; Human rights; Violence & Security

RICE, Roberta (Ph.D. New Mexico)
Indigenous Movements; Latin American Politics; Protest and Democracy; Identity Politics; Civil Society and Collective Action

SAYERS, Anthony (Ph.D. UBC)
Comparative politics; Canadian politics; Political parties; Alberta politics; Electoral Systems; Federalism, Australian politics

STARBLANKET, Gina (Ph.D. University of Victoria)
Indigenous Politics, Feminist Politics, Decolonization, Indigenous Resurgence, Canadian Politics

STEWART, David (Ph.D. UBC)
Canadian politics; Political parties; Provincial politics; Leadership Selection Removal

TERRIFF, Terry (Ph.D. London)
Change in US military; the changing character of warfare; US security policy; and NATO/transatlantic security issue

THOMAS, Melanee (Ph.D. McGill)
Elections, Gender policy, Political Behavior, Public Opinion 

TUXHORN, Kim-Lee (Ph.D. Colorado)
Political Economy, International Bargaining, Trade, FDI
Economic Political Behavior

VOTH, Daniel (Ph.D. UBC)
Indigenous politics, Métis politics, decolonization, self-determination, Canadian politics

YOUNG, Lisa (Ph.D. Toronto)
Women and Politics; Quantitative; Canadian