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Welcome to Dr. Sarah Jordaan

Dr. Sarah M. Jordaan is an Assistant Professor of Energy Policy and Politics at the University of Calgary. Previously, she worked for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) managing a cross-cutting initiative examining economic, supply and regulatory implications of environmental impacts of shale gas development in the US, including water use, produced water management, life cycle greenhouse gas emissions, and regional air emissions. She was formerly a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group at the Kennedy School of Government and Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University. A portion of her research has been conducted with the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation at the University of California, San Diego. She earned her PhD in 2009 at the University of Calgary in Environmental Design at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Economy and Environment. Her Bachelor's degree is in Physics with a minor in Computer Science from the Memorial University of Newfoundland.  

To date, Dr. Jordaan has been involved with projects on (1) quantitative assessments of the environmental impacts of energy systems, (2) life cycle assessment of energy extraction, (3) the impacts of climate policies on water resources, (4) ethical implications of energy extraction and (5) governance of environmental and economic impacts of unconventional fossil fuels in North America.  

In addition to these topics, her interests are energy technology innovation, the environmental, political, and economic impacts of global and regional natural gas production, the implications of energy security policies on the environment and economy, as well as technology and ethics.