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Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 10:15am

Many congratulations to our department's SSHRC Award Winners.  Below is a brief description of each project.


Principal Investigator Type of Award  Duration Title of Project Description

Barry Cooper
Insight Grant 2016-2019 The Political Symbolism of the Upper Paleolithic For the past several years I have been working on a project to push the historical frontier of political science deeper into the past and in order to discuss the origin of the earliest political symbols, symbols upon which all subsequent political symbolism rests. Conventionally the history of Western political thought begins with Plato and Aristotle (ca. 4th century BC), perhaps with a glance at the pre- Socratics, the Greek dramatists, and early poets. Occasionally, following what the Germans call "antiquity studies" or Altertumswissenschaft, the political or politic-religious texts of the early agriculture-based empires of Egypt and Mesopotamia (ca. 4th millennium BC) are discussed. The groundwork for this project was undertaken by Eric Voegelin, about whom I have written on previous occasions. This project applies Voegelin's political science to the origin of political life as it appears in the European Upper Paleolithic (50-10 KY ago).

Jack Lucas

Insight Development Grant 2016-2018 Who Governs the Canadian City? Explaining the Long- Term Development of Urban Policy Authority. This project will explore long-term patterns of institutional change in four Canadian cities across several policy domains, including urban municipal institutions, public health institutions, and school boards.
Jack Lucas
Insight Development Grant 2016-2018 Canadian School Board Governance, Executive Leadership, and School District Performance. This project is a cross-provincial and cross-national study of school board governance, based on a survey of school board officials in Ontario, Alberta, and several American states. The principal investigator for this project is Nathan Grasse (Carleton University); we also have collaborators at UW-Milwaukee and UW-Oshkosh.

Daniel Voth
Insight Development Grant 2016-2018 Rights as the "Descendants of the Original Lords of the Soil": Empowering Métis Women Through Traditional Governance Structures. The grant will be used to support and mentor graduate students while engaging in archival and community based research. The project seeks to examine the archival record of Métis women's governance structures in Red River prior to the assertion of the settler-state.