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Elsa Piersig, MA student, Department of Political Science

Elsa is interning at the Constitution Unit in the School of Public Policy / Political Science Department at the University College London. This is a leading British department. The Constitution Unit researches UK and comparative constitutional development as well as judicial appointments and independence in Britain.

Elsa is a member of the parliament team (headed by Dr. Meg Russell). Members of this team helped draft the UK Cabinet Manual in 2010-2011, based in part on the New Zealand Cabinet Manual. Elsa’s research on the New Zealand Manual for her MA at the University of Calgary led her to the Constitution Unit.

The parliament team is currently engaged in the most extensive investigation of British parliamentary operations since the 1970s. Elsa is constructing a database that will allow for content analysis of British Hansard (record of parliamentary proceedings) in order to probe the influence of select committees on MPs and Peers. This entails creating a codebook and collecting and coding relevant sections of Hansard.

Congratulations to Elsa on being selected for this internship!