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Friday, February 27, 2015 - 10:45am

This year was the 41st High School Model United Nations competition which means it has been taking place since the early 1970s! The event continues to attract the very best from among the high schools in and around Calgary. It continues to grow and attract new schools. This year, there were over 385 registered participants from 25 schools.They are from both the Public School Board and Catholic School Board with a growing number of charter based schools.

Topics addressed are drawn directly from the agenda of the actual United Nations, so students are exposed to all of the current issues that are now being considered and acted on by the United Nations. This included issues as the situation in the Ukraine; human trafficking; impacts of climate change to name a few.

An event of such magnitude can only take place with the hard work of a large number of people. The Department continues to act as the host of this event with the strong support of the Faculty in providing for the audio-visual in each of the rooms.  Right: 41st High School Model United Nations Committee / Photo Credit by:  Rob Huebert

This year under-secretary-general Ms. Leah Schmidt (undergraduate International Relations/Women Studies) did an outstanding job of organizing the event this year. She follows in the footsteps of Ms. Sam Hossack (MSS, CMSS) who had also done outstanding work organizing this event in 2014. Ms. Schmidt put together an equally outstanding and committed group of the University of Calgary students who acted as chairs, vice-chairs, note takers and so on. These were: Braden Muenchrath, Brian Lee, Rushil Krishna, Davina Basse, Gurleen Brar, Bhagya Ramesh, Jenn Galandy, Songju Kim, Helen Tu, Patrick Jones, Ian Wen, Maria Mendonca, Kate Jacobson, Bareerah Rab, Sam Hossack, Jay Heffenfent, Christian Halt, Eduardo Arredondo, Gavin Marchak, Iris Rahman, John Gabriel Cabyano, Jim Chen, Scott Piet, Blake Mitchell, Michael Smith, Robert Hedlin, Dhriti Chakravarty and Mansi Calipatti.

Below: 41st High School Model United Nations Staff
Photo Credit b
y: L. Villaneuva

Within the department, Jim Keeley selects the topics that are to be addressed.  Lauren Moslow prepared the research guides for the students. Bonnie Walter ensures that the rooms are booked each year and Ella Wensel books the AV equipment.

At the opening ceremonies it was pointed out that the alumni of high schools model United Nations includes a large number of individuals who have gone on to impressive related careers such as our mayor, Naheed Nenshi and the federal minister of employment and social development, Pierre Poilievre.

The 25 high schools that attended:  Bishop Grandin, Bishop McNally, Bishop O'Byrne, Bowness, Calgary French School, Calgary Islamic School, Central Memorial, Diefenbaker, Forest Lawn, Henry Wisewood, Highwood, James Fowler, Lester B Pearson, Lord Beaverbrook, Notre Dame, Oilfields High School, Robert Thirsk, Sir Winston Churchill, Springbank, St. Francis, Webber Academy, West Island College, Western, Westmount Charter, and W.H. Croxford. Right Photo: Opening Ceremonies of the 41st High School Model United Nations /
Photo Credit by: Rob Huebert

WINNERS of the 41st High School Model United Nations /
Photo Credit by L. Villaneuva