University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Keith ArcherKeith ArcherElectoral behaviour, Political parties, Research methods, Canadian politics
Photograph of Donald BarryDonald BarryCanadian foreign policy, International Relations
Photograph of Gavin CameronGavin CameronTerrorism, Strategic Studies, International Relations
Photograph of Barry CooperBarry CooperPolitical thought, Political theory, Public policy, Canadian politics
Photograph of Julie CroskillJulie CroskillCanadian politics, Political Communication, Political parties, Women and Politics, Comparative Politics, Canadian Political Behaviour, Research Methods, Electoral behaviour, Alberta politics
Photograph of Ryan DeanRyan DeanInternational Relations, Canadian foreign and defence policies, Strategic Studies, Public Policy, Circumpolar relations
Photograph of Thomas FlanaganThomas FlanaganGame Theory, Aboriginal land claims, Millenarian movements, Political theory, Biopolitics, Rational Choice
Photograph of Antonio FranceschetAntonio FranceschetHuman Rights, Ethics, International law, International organization, International political theory
Photograph of Susan FranceschetSusan Franceschetgender and executive office, Gender policy in Latin America., Women and politics, Comparative public policy
Photograph of Joshua D. GoldsteinJoshua D. GoldsteinNew Natural Law Theory, History of Modern Political Thought, Hegel's Political Philosophy, Sexual Ethics
Photograph of Maureen HiebertMaureen HiebertHuman Security, International law, Comparative politics, Human Rights, Public law, Political Violence
Photograph of Robert HuebertRobert HuebertOcean politics, International Relations, Canadian foreign and defence policies, Naval studies, Foreign policy studies, Strategic Studies, Circumpolar relations
Photograph of Tareq IsmaelTareq IsmaelDomestic politics of Middle Eastern countries, Foreign policies
Photograph of James KeeleyJames KeeleyInternational law and organizations, International Relations, International political economy
Photograph of Chance Minnett WatchelChance Minnett WatchelAlberta politics, Public Policy, Advocacy Groups, Comparative public policy, Comparative politics, Canadian politics
Photograph of Frederick L. (Ted) MortonFrederick L. (Ted) MortonConstitutional law and civil liberties in Canada, United States and France, Comparative judicial process
Photograph of Lauren MoslowLauren MoslowInternational Relations, Strategic Studies, Canadian foreign and defence policies, Circumpolar relations
Photograph of Brenda O'NeillBrenda O'NeillResearch Methods, Women and Politics, Public Opinion, Political Behaviour
Photograph of Pablo PoliczerPablo PoliczerLatin America, Human Rights, Violence and security, Comparative politics, Democracy and authoritarianism
Photograph of Donald RayDonald RayAfrican Politics, state-chief relations in Africa (especially Ghana), Politics and Policies of development, Political response to change, Comparative politics
Photograph of Roberta RiceRoberta RiceIndigenous Politics, Latin America, Comparative Politics, Democracy and civil society
Photograph of Anthony SayersAnthony SayersElectoral systems, Political parties, Alberta politics, Comparative politics, Canadian politics, Federalism
Photograph of Evgeniia (Jen) SidorovaEvgeniia (Jen) SidorovaKnowledge and power, Aboriginal land claims, Circumpolar relations, Foreign policy studies, International Relations, International law and organizations
Photograph of Gina StarblanketGina StarblanketCanadian politics, Women and Politics, Indigenous Politics
Photograph of David StewartDavid StewartCanadian politics, Provincial Politics, Political parties
Photograph of Melanee ThomasMelanee ThomasResearch Methods, Canadian politics, Women and Politics, Political Behaviour, Electoral behaviour
Photograph of Camilo TorresCamilo TorresPolitical Violence, Comparative Politics, International Relations
Photograph of Lisa YoungLisa YoungWomen and Politics, Quantitative, Canadian
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