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Susanna Rijkhoff

  • Postdoctoral Associate


Sanne A. M. Rijkhoff is an Eyes High Postdoctoral Associate at the Political Science Department of the University of Calgary.  Before moving to Calgary, she was affiliated with Portland State University and the University of Oregon in Portland, OR, and with Washington State University in Pullman, WA. 

Dr. Rijkhoff’s research focuses on public opinion, political communication and political behavior.  As political psychologist, her research is interdisciplinary, drawing from political science and social psychology in order to better understand the causes of attitudes such as political cynicism and its effects on political behavior.  Dr. Rijkhoff’s research addresses issues of concern within political science about the conceptualization and operationalization of primary concepts concerning attitudes and public opinion.  Proper definitions and measurements are essential for understanding political phenomena.  In contrast to other scholars who have interpreted political cynicism as a synonym of distrust, her findings suggest that political cynicism is better understood as a multi-dimensional attitude that goes beyond distrust.

Her work received the 2017 Best Dissertation Award from the Western Political Science Association (WPSA).


Journal Articles

Rijkhoff, S. A. M., Hoard, S. A., Gaffney, M. and Smith, P. (2017) “Communities Ready for Takeoff: Integrating Social Assets for Biofuel Site-Selection Modeling.” Politics and the Life Sciences 36(1), pp. 14-26. DOI:

Martinkus, N., Rijkhoff, S. A. M., Hoard, S. A., Shi, W., Smith, P., Gaffney, M., and Wolcott, M. (2017) “Site Selection of Biorefineries using a Stepwise Biogeophysical and Social Analysis Approach.” Biomass and Bioenergy. 97, pp. 139-148. DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2016.12.022

Campbell, C. M., Makin, D. A., and Rijkhoff, S. A. M. (2016) “A Rhetorical Balancing Act: Popular Punitivism in the Netherlands” Punishment and Society. DOI: 10.1177/1462474516672882 (In press).

De Kwaadsteniet, E. W., Rijkhoff, S. A. M., and Van Dijk, E. (2013). Equality as a Benchmark for Third-Party Punishment and Reward: The Moderating Role of Uncertainty in Social Dilemmas, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 120, pp. 251-259. DOI: 10.1016/j.obhdp.2012.06.007

Book Chapters

Martinkus, N., Rijkhoff, S.A.M., Roemer,K Laninga, T.J., and Hoard, S.A. “An Integrated Model for Success: A Capitals Approach to Biorefinery Siting” Submitted to Jeffrey Jacquet, Julia Haggerty and Gene Theodori (Eds.), Coordinating Research on the Social Impacts of Energy Development, Huntsville, TX: Social Ecology Press and the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (In press).

Rijkhoff, S. A. M. and Camden, J. “The Washington Press and Politics: News Coverage in Changing Times” In Cornell W. Clayton, Todd Donovan and Nicholas P. Lovrich (Eds.), Political Life in the Evergreen State, Pullman, Washington State University Press (In press).

Rijkhoff, S. A. M. “Media in Oregon: Doing a Lot More With a Lot Less”. In Richard Clucas, Mark Henkels, Priscilla Southwell, and Edward Weber (Eds.), Oregon State and Local Politics: Change and Continuation. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press (In press).

Rijkhoff, S. A. M. and Dekker, H. (2009). Knowledge about the European Union among Dutch youth: levels, origins, and what secondary school education contributes. In G. Weisseno & E. Valentin (Eds.), Teaching European Citizens. A Quasi-experimental Study in Six Countries. Münster, Germany, New York: Waxmann.

Dekker, H., and Rijkhoff, S. A. M. (2009). European Union Citizenship Socialization and Education. In G. Weisseno & E. Valentin (Eds.), Teaching European Citizens. A Quasi-experimental Study in Six Countries. Münster, Germany, New York: Waxmann.

Courses Taught:

  •  American politics
  •  Comparative politics
  •  Congress
  •  European politics
  •  Gender and politics
  •  Media and politics,
  •  Political parties and elections
  • Political rhetoric
Photograph of Susanna Rijkhoff


  • PhD - Political Science
    Washington State University, 2015
  • MSc (cum laude) - Social and Organizational Psychology
    Leiden University (Netherlands), 2010
  • MA (with merit) - Political Science
    Leiden University (Netherlands), 2008
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