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TEACHING AND RESEARCH INTERESTS range broadly across the areas of public law, public policy, and political thought, with a particular focus on Canadian issues. I am the author, co-author, or co-editor of several books, including Human Rights and Social Technology: The New War on Discrimination, Federalism and the Charter: Leading Constitutional Decisions, Charter Politics, Parameters of Power: Canada's Political Institutions, and The Charter Revolution and the Court Party.  These and other publications are more fully cited under “curriculum vitae” and “publications by topic” on the menu bar above. Links are provided to publications available on-line.

CURRENT WORK includes a book entitled How Democratic is the Charter, and Does it Matter?, which builds on an earlier article of the same name. Another book project, tentatively entitled Courting Controversy, explores the rhetorical strategies used by courts to manage highly contentious public issues. A somewhat different line of research concerns landuse issues in Alberta, with an emphasis on how policies governing hunting and fishing rights can be adjusted to improve wildlife stewardship and the stability of ecologically significant landscapes.