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The Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary is a dynamic teaching and research-oriented department with great ideological and intellectual diversity. We are proud to be a department of scholars who have developed the national and international profile necessary to sustain a high quality teaching and research program.

Our research and teaching interests are diverse, and span all of the major fields of study within political science, including Canadian Politics, Public Policy and Law; International Relations; Comparative Politics and Political Thought. The Department also provides sound training in Research Methods in Political Science.


A Place of Research

Our Faculty members publish extensively in Canadian and international journals and have helped shape many of the central debates in contemporary Canadian politics. Our faculty members are active in research and applied policy development. Over the last 25 years we have been in the top two departments in terms of publications in the Canadian Journal of Political Science.

Faculty members are regularly invited to deliver lectures, participate in conferences, attend workshops and provide media interviews both in Canada and internationally. The Department has hosted many major international conferences, planned by both faculty members and graduate students.


A Place of Learning

The Department of Political Science has excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. This is a department where left meets right, idealism confronts realism, and in which various political theories and methods are employed to offer distinctive, often competing, interpretations of how best to understand the politics that surround us.

  • Our courses in Canadian Politics, Public Policy and Law reflect award-winning research in judicial politics, federalism, party politics, Western Canadian politics, women in politics, and Canadian foreign policy.
  • Our Comparative and International Politics courses offerings reflect significant strength of our Department in the field of Regional and World Politics, strategic studies, and specializations in Australian, American, African, Chinese, and European politics.
  • Political Thought courses in the department are taught by some of the best known political philosophers in Canada.


Each faculty member brings their research experience to bear on courses they teach. Students observe the work of experienced researchers and make use of and have access to the various methodologies of political science in which the researcher is an expert. There are opportunities for students to learn about, participate in, and conduct research projects in a number of courses.