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MA Placements

The Department of Political Science has graduated approximately 300 Masters students since we first accepted graduate applicants in 1967, one year after the University of Calgary was founded.


Check out some examples of the careers and further education our of MA graduates (2007 to present):

2018 (Graduation Year)

  • Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada
  • Master's Program, Master of Community Planning, Vancouver Island University
  • Office of the Councillors, Calgary City Hall


  • Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada
  • PhD Program, University of Toronto
  • PhD Program, University of Saskatchewan


  • Legislative & Outreach Assistant, Official Opposition, AB Legislative
  • Regulatory Officer, Government of Yukon
  • Project Analyst for Alberta Human Services


  • Director of Research at Alberta Federation of Labor
  • HR Advisor at Exxon Mobile
  • Project Analyst, Research Services, University of Calgary
  • Teacher of Grade 7 & 8, Alberta


  • Law School, University of New Brunswick
  • PhD Program, Carleton
  • Community and Stakeholder Relations Research Assistant, Metrolinx


  • PhD Program, Simon Fraser University
  • Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Toronto
  • Fulbright, Columbia University
  • PhD, McGill University
  • UN Internship in Namibia
  • Office of Ombudsman, Human Rights Action Plan, Namibia


  • Law School, University of Alberta
  • History Tutor, Hong Kong
  • Amplify Ink
  • Office of Hon. Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Environment, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Researcher, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
  • Policy Intern, Government of Alberta
  • Lawyer, Davis Polk and Wardwell, LLP, N.Y.
  • Research Analyst, Government Relations firm Global Public Affairs
  • PhD Program, University of Calgary


  • Monitoring and evaluation posting with SUCCO (Quebec NGO) in Haiti
  • Youth Outreach & Advocacy Coordinator for the Canadian Environment Network (RCEN)
  • National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Tunisia and Morocco
  • PhD Program, University of Western Ontario
  • Employed at Disability Centre, University of Calgary
  • Legislative Researcher, Legislative Assembly of Alberta


  • Law School, Halifax
  • Assistive Services Coordinator, Student Accessibility Services Resource Centre, University of Calgary
  • International Government Affairs Group, Talisman Energy


  • Policy Analyst, Strategic Policy and Research Branch of HR and Skills Development, Canada
  • PhD Program, University of Toronto
  • PhD Program, University of Calgary
  • Policy Analyst, Canada West Foundation
  • Senior Special Assistant to the Prime Minister
  • Director of Communications for Industry Minister of Canada
  • Director of Communications, Office of the President of the Treasury Board
  • Regional Director, Canadian Wind Energy Association
  • Regulatory and Financial Manager, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • Intern, Canada West Foundation
  • Second Secretary, Canadian Embassy in Kazakhstan
  • Medical School, University of Calgary


  • Research Office at Alberta Education, Government of Alberta
  • Research Officer at Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Policy Analyst, Calgary Homeless Foundation
  • Program Manager, Peacebuilding, Development & Security Program
  • Employment Lawyer, Vye Willetts, Ottawa Ontario
  • Real Estate Advisor, Public Works & Government Services, Halifax
  • Urban Planning Degree, Dalhousie University
  • Aga Khan Foundation Internship, Tajikistan
  • Policy Advisor, Strategic Services, Plans and Projects, Municipal Affairs & Housing, Government of Alberta
  • Director, Strategic Planning and Partnerships, Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, Toronto
  • Minister of Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Office– Chief of Staff, Director of Policy and Regional Affairs, Policy & Regional Affairs Advisor, Assistant to the Parliamentary Secretary
  • Policy Advisor to Minister of Transport and Infrastructure
  • Graduate & Faculty Outreach Manager, Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, Toronto


  • Researcher, R.A. Malatest & Associates
  • Trainee Research Consultant, Blake Stevenson, Scotland
  • PhD Program, Louisiana State University
  • Web production, Critical Mass
  • Communications Strategist, Special Projects, City of Calgary
  • Government of Alberta, Intergovernmental Officer, Federalism/Constitution