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 Graduate Programs in the Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers graduate programs leading to both M.A. and Ph.D. thesis-based degrees. There are normally close to 40 graduate students in our programs. Our graduate programs emphasize exceptional training in Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, Gender and Politics, Indigenous Politics, International Relations & Global Political Economy, and Political Theory, as well as other sub-fields. Our faculty members are committed to offering the highest-quality graduate education to our students.   

Our department includes twenty-three active full-time faculty who are available to supervise students.   

Faculty in the department pursue research in a wide range of substantive areas.

Our graduated students testify to a friendly, supportive and collegial atmosphere amongst the grad students and faculty, as well as an intellectually stimulating, challenging, and academically rigorous training while pursuing their graduate studies. The graduate students are integrated into department affairs, are able to speak of their research with faculty members, and many students collaborate with faculty members’ research and publishing. 

Why pursue graduate studies in Political Science at the University of Calgary?

  • Our graduate students pursue interesting and innovative careers: some continue in academia, and many former PhD students are now professors in Canada and elsewhere. Other former students work in government, international organizations, or consulting and public opinion research.  Four of our former students worked in the Prime Minister of Canada’s office.
  • We offer competitive funding packages to assist students as they pursue their graduate degree.
  • Our faculty members include nationally and internationally renowned scholars who research and publish in the discipline’s top-ranked journals and presses. Many of our faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research and participate in national and international collaborative projects funded by a variety of granting agencies.
  • Our graduate students have been very successful in winning prestigious and competitive awards such as: Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowships, Masters’ SSHRC CGS, CGS Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement SSHRC, Sir Isaac Walton Killam scholarships, Donald N. Byers Memorial Killam Scholar Prize, John D. Petrie Memorial Graduate Scholarship, Maritime Awards Society of Canada Graduate Scholarship, Petroleum History Society Graduate Scholarship, Metis Education Foundation Scholarship.  We are also successful in the Government of Alberta’s Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships & Alberta Graduate Student Scholarships. Successful University of Calgary’s awards won: Eyes High International Scholarship, Chancellor’s Graduate Medal, Calgary Institute for the Humanities Francis Spratt Graduate Student Fellowship, Ruby Doctoral Scholarship, Silver Anniversary Graduate Fellowships.
  • You will be part of the University of Calgary’s graduate student community, part of the City of Calgary --a city of endless choice -- as well as 1.5 hours from the world-renowned Canadian Rockies.



Application Available:  October 15  |  Application Deadline:  January 15

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Contact our Graduate Program Administrator, Denise Retzlaff:
Contact our Graduate Program Director, Dr. Susan Franceschet:

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Graduate News

Congratulations to the students convocating this November.

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Congratulations to all our students graduating today!

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Ryan Dean was nominated to participate with the Canadian Armed Forces' as an embedded observer of a northern exercise known as the NOREX 18, February 4-17, 2018 in and around Resolute, Nunavut. This is a rare opportunity for Ryan who will travel with the soldiers of The Grey and Simcoe Foresters and Canadian Rangers of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group operating on Cornwallis Island. He was selected for his expertise in the field of Canadian Arctic Affairs and for his knowledge in other fields.

We look forward to hearing of Ryan Dean's experience. As we receive information, be sure to check for updates below by clicking on the DIARY OF A MILITARY EMBEDDED OBSERVER.

For more information, please see the News Release from the Department of National Defense.

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by Ryan Dean, PhD Candidate, Political Science

by Heath McCoy, Faculty of Arts

The Department of Political Science had an award lunch for the nominees and awards winners on September 25th. Congratulations to all our nominees and winners for 2016-2017. 

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Brenda O'Neill from the Department of Political Science has received a GREAT Supervisor Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Calgary. This annual award recognizes the excellent mentorship, dedication, and support for the graduate education provided by a faculty member in a graduate program.  Well done Dr. O'Neill!

Graduate Awards


David Torre, (PhD, 2017)
Policy Analyst, Office of Energy Research and Development, Natural Resources Canada

"If you are looking for a department that takes a genuine interest in students' academic and professional development, I strongly encourage you to consider applying to the program."

Anna Johnson, (MA, 2017)
PhD Student, University of Toronto

"If you are looking for a friendly and supportive department that is also intellectually stimulating and challenging, then the University of Calgary is the right choice for you."

Tim Anderson (PhD, 2016 & MA, 2011)

"...The Department of Political Science was inviting, challenging, and intellectually stimulating..."


 Paul Boakye (MA, 2016)

"...The academic atmosphere was just incredible. Very learned professors who were ever ready to assist students with their academic needs....."

Alexei Kondrackyj (MA, 2016)
ory Officer, Government of Yukon

"...The department offers a warm, and friendly environment, but also encourages you to challenge others, and your own ideas..."

Sean Fleming (MA, 2014)
PhD Program, University of Cambridge

"The MA program prepared me exceptionally well for a PhD...."

Katrine  Beauregard (PhD, 2014)
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
School of Po
litics and International Relations, Australian National University

"...I could not be happier with my experience at the UofC and I highly recommend it."

Elsa Piersig (MA, 2014)
PhD Program, Carleton University (2016)

Community and Stakeholder Relations Research Assistant, Metrolinx, Toronto

"I found an academic home...that engages students and encourages participation in the academic community...."

Dave Snow (PhD, 2014 & MA, 2009)
Assistant Professor, University of Guelph

"Choosing to pursue graduate studies in political science at the University of Calgary is among the most important decision I ever made in my life..."

Berriault (MA, 2013)
Junior Consultant: Office of the Ombudsman Namibia; Disarmament
Demobilization and Reintegration Officer (UNOCI) Côte d’Ivoir

"...I was provided with the academic and financial support required to carry out my field work in Sierra Leone...{which} allowed be awarded a competitive internship with the UNDP in Namibia..."