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The Department of Political Science at the University of Calgary is a dynamic teaching and research-oriented department with great ideological and intellectual diversity. We are proud to be a department of scholars who have developed the national and international profile necessary to sustain a high quality teaching and research program.

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Recent News

  JUDI POWELL, our superb Graduate Program Administrator, and the Dean of Graduate Studies (and former Graduate Program Director), Lisa Young, at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Great Administrator Appreciation Week on February 25, 2015.

Here are the great things people are saying about Judi: 

  • Kudos to our fabulous GPA Judi Powell. We're so lucky to have her!
  • I'm sure the graduate students in Political Science all appreciate Judi Powell. This is to let her know how much the faculty appreciate her. She is always ready to help and to facilitate, and has been a real asset to our department's graduate program. Thank you Judi
  • Without Judi Powell's astonishing attention to detail, fantastic touch with the graduate students, and amazing knowledge of the program and the University's procedures, our graduate program in Political Science wouldn't be half as good as it is. Thanks, Judi!
  • Thank you Judi for your outstanding work in administering our graduate program! Without your expertise we would fall into a terrible mess!

This year was the 41st High School Model United Nations competition which means it has been taking place since the early 1970s! The event continues to attract the very best from among the high schools in and around Calgary. It continues to grow and attract new schools. This year, there were over 385 registered participants from 25 schools.They are from both the Public School Board and Catholic School Board with a growing number of charter based schools.

Congratulations to the University of Calgary's Model United Nations Team who received 7 awards at the UBC Conference Competition held in Vancouver January 9-11, 2015:

  • three Best Delegate Gavels
  • Best Position Paper Award
  • Honourable Mention Award
  • Most Diplomatic Award
  • and Best Delegation Award

Brenda O'Neill speaks in the Department of Political Science at Carleton University on "Unpacking Gender's Role in Political Representation in Canada" part of the Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy Speaker Series, October 23, 2014.

The University of Calgary will be hosting the next Canadian Political Science Students Association's National Conference on Energy Politics. 

Registration for this conference starts on November 3rd. 

University of Calgary Political Science and International Relations students have complimentary access to the 2015 National Conference of the Canadian Political Science Student's Association ( being held in Calgary from January 21-25, 2015. You will need to request an access code from and then follow this link to register

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The International Relations Undergraduate Program has moved to Political Science?
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• International Relations (IR) as an interdisciplinary subject is taught only at the Undergraduate level but students who are interested in an MA or PhD in IR should follow the link here as IR is taught as part of POLI at the graduate level.

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In the News


Joshua D. Goldstein and Robin Blake, 'A (Reconstructed) New Natural Law Account of Sexuate Selfhood and Rape's Harm', The Heythrop Journal, (published online 1 Feb 2015; print forthcoming) (DOI: 10.1111/heyj.12247).

Anthony M Sayers & David Denemark, "Radicalism, Protest Votes and Regionalism: Reform and the Rise of the New Conservative Party". , Canadian Political Science Review, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2014, 3-26. PDF

Antonio Franceschet, "Immanuel Kant," Oxford Companion to International Relations, Volume 1, edited by Joel Krieger, Oxford University Press, 2014, 551-557.

Donald Barry, Bob Applebaum, and Earl Wiseman, Fishing for a Solution: Canada's Fisheries Relations with the European Union 1977-2013 (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2014), pp. xvi, 178.